abril 11, 2024

Altios International, Your Partner in Internationalization

  • Altios is an international consultancy with its own offices in 24 countries. It offers expansion solutions in international markets to companies operating and investing worldwide. With over 750 professionals strategically positioned in the G30, we provide unique support, enabling our clients to operate in multiple countries with efficiency and confidence.


For over 30 years, Altios has been assisting companies in their international expansion. It was founded in Australia in 1991 by a French entrepreneur who identified the challenges French companies faced in establishing themselves in the Australian market. He created a portfolio of services focused on driving company growth and facilitating operations in foreign markets. Subsequently, Altios expanded across Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Its services are based on three pillars: (I) Advisory, including business development, market research for business restructuring in existing markets and market share expansion, as well as market entry, and C-level personnel selection; (II) Corporate Services, offering turnkey subsidiary creation, accounting, tax and administrative support, local domiciliation, tax advisory, and visa management; (III) Corporate Finance, specializing in cross-border acquisitions on the Buy-Side, guiding clients through the entire process from market screening for target identification, negotiation of LOI, Due Diligence, contract, and post-acquisition support.

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